The Odd Sea – eBook


Just because you’re chosen, doesn’t mean you want to be.

Thanks to the dubious gratitude of a Deity, Nicolas Percival Carnegie is now stranded on an island in the middle of the ocean.

But before despair can take hold – for his companions at least – rescue appears in the form of the enigmatic Captain Roberto Ramirez.

Longing to simply go home and forget about notions like adventuring, Nicolas finds his salvation bittersweet; a princess has been kidnapped and war looms on the horizon.

It isn’t his country, or his princess, yet his dreams of a quick homecoming have to be put on hold when the seas could run red with blood any day now.

Nicolas may find his sea legs just in time for them to quake in fear as he learns exactly how dangerous the ocean can be.

And soon enough, being stranded on an island may not seem that bad after all.



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