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So, a bit about me then. I am a Fantasy Author and creator of The Chronicles of the Dawnblade series. I’ve always been a fan of Sci/Fi and Fantasy.

Some of my favourite films are from those genres; Conan The Barbarian, Willow, Predator (obviously), Aliens. I’m an avid reader, which has given me a passion for the world building that goes into a book and inspired my passion to create my own worlds, and a passion for that new book smell…I have a problem.

I have written bits and pieces here and there for years, but finally decided to knuckle down and chase the dream. My hope is that my books draw people into their worlds like other writers work does to me (how bad is it when you are engrossed in a book and someone tries to start a conversation lol).

Also in my spare time I play Warhammer 40,000. I enjoy both the painting and gaming sides of the hobby.

I have a degree in both History and Psychology and Black Belts in several martial arts styles, all of which I try to use to inform my writing. I also have an odd sense of humour, but I’ll let you find that out for yourselves when you read…

Andrew Claydon

Just because you’re chosen,
doesn’t mean you want to be.

Nicolas loves his village life just the way it is, everything as it’s supposed to be.

When he’s chosen for a task, he finds himself going out into a world he knows little about and feels completely unprepared for. His only comfort is that all he has to do is deliver a message. That should be pretty simple, right?

One near-death experience later, Nicolas finds himself in a world of heroes’, villains’, magic’, and far too many undead creatures for his liking.

Caught up in events he can’t control, he must—with the strange companions he meets along the way—foil a plot that may destroy his kingdom as he knows it, and maybe even the world.

Thousands of lives are in the hands of someone who’s never even picked up a sword…but at least he knows not to hold it by the pointy end.

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Strange Companions: Chronicles of the Dawnblade Book 2

Due for release December 5th 2022.

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