The Simple Delivery

Chronicles of the Dawnblade Book 1

Just because you’re chosen, doesn’t mean you want to be.
- Andy Claydon Author
Nicolas loves his village life just the way it is, everything as it’s supposed to be. When he’s chosen for a task, he finds himself going out into a world he knows little about and feels completely unprepared for. His only comfort is that all he has to do is deliver a message. That should be pretty simple, right? One near-death experience later, Nicolas finds himself in a world of heroes', villains', magic', and far too many undead creatures for his liking. Caught up in events he can’t control, he must—with the strange companions he meets along the way—foil a plot that may destroy his kingdom as he knows it, and maybe even the world. Thousands of lives are in the hands of someone who’s never even picked up a sword…but at least he knows not to hold it by the pointy end.

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Strange Companions

Chronicles of the Dawnblade Book 2 (to be released December 2022)

A month ago, Nicolas Percival Carnegie was chosen to deliver a message, but circumstances spiralled far beyond his control, and he ended up dodging danger, death, and vampires to try to save his kingdom.

Returning home, he had one comfort, beyond having done the right thing, which was that his adventuring days were one and done.

But then a strange creature attacks his village, and he has to set out into the world to try to find the source of this creature before more are unleashed.

Still haunted by the events of his previous journey, Nicolas must take to the road again with old companions and surprising new ones as he somehow finds the fate of another kingdom resting in his hands.

At least this time he has his own sword.

But the forces of evil have upped their game too…they have a minotaur!

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